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Certified Accountants

With clients spanning Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Dubai across multiple sectors, our commercial expertise is second to none. Based in Abu Dhabi, our growing team provides innovative and value-added accounting, tax and corporate finance solutions that empower businesses, investors and private clients to make better decisions.

We combine the financial expertise, experience and accessibility of our talented team with a deep understanding of our clients to help achieve their goals. We have a refreshing approach to business with a focus on the big picture, not just the numbers and we always want to know what’s in it for you and keep a firm eye on your objectives.

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Exclusive Benefits
With MoneyTek

 ​Collective Expertise 

With MoneyTek, your transaction cycle passes through multiple certified accountants’ review. Best solutions are ensured. 

 ​Aligned Duties 

At MoneyTek, we distribute duties based on the area of expertise of our accountants so that clear reporting is ensued in all accounts. 

 ​Zero Risk 

Every stage of your accounting procedures goes through the eyes of multiple accountants which eliminates the risk of fraud & errors. 

— Consultants

Our Outstanding 

Noor photo

 Noor Ali ACCA

— Managing Partner

Noor is a member of chartered accountants of UK. He has been working individually with brands across US, UK and the UAE.

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Bilal photo

Bilal Ahmed ACCA

— Accounting Specialist

Bilal is affiliate member of the association of certified accountants UK. He has been working as an accounting analyst since 2017.

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Cody photo

D. Cody CPA

— Audit & Tax Specialist

Cody is a US Certified Accountant working with clients across the United States for their Assurance and Tax needs.

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